Coaching for Cancer Caregivers

Avoid Burnout, Show Up Strong
& Manage Everything Without Falling Apart

Use These 4 Easy Tools to Save Your Sanity (and maybe get some sleep too!)

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Are you a caregiver with a loved one with cancer?  How do you show up strong for them when your own energy is collapsing? 


Let's face it. Being a caregiver to your partner, parent or close friend is overwhelming. You're coordinating, advocating, driving, shopping and providing constant care. Your own health’s been put on hold, and you’re last on the list of priorities.

You’re so busy looking after other people, your own energy is collapsing. The overwhelm is real!


I’m here to tell you that your energy truly matters, and that with a few simple steps you can take back control of what you’re feeling, and what you’re eating.

Any time spent on your needs means more long-lasting energy to support your loved one.

Mid afternoon coffee pick me ups? Sweet snacks bound for sugar crash? Let's turn that around! We’ll get to the heart of what foods energize you, and which ones affect your mood, sleep and cravings.



Jill’s care and understanding of what a cancer patient experiences (the fear, the side effects, the questions) and her expert knowledge on what causes the initiation, promotion and recurrence of cancer will go a long way in adding quality of life and years to a patient’s life.
— Jeanette Marshall, CEO National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches
Jill’s program helped set me free from my unhealthy eating habits and made me realize what I was doing wrong. Jill was the missing link to all that I do to look after myself. Sometimes we think we know what to eat but to have it worked out like Jill did, personally changed my life in terms of energy and joint pain. I can’t believe the difference. Thanks Jill for doing such a great job
— Heather M.
I approached Jill because I was unable to find out why I had been feeling so terrible for such a long time. She took the time to really listen, as well as question, quiz and research. With a kind and friendly approach, I really felt comfortable discussing any issues with her.  Thank you, Jill, for putting me on the right track to wellness and your encouraging support.
— Bev C.

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