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Whether you've been a Caregiver or are in the midst of caregiving and feel loss, it's time to rebuild your mind, body and spirit.

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Private Coaching

Step Into Your Well-Being. Learn how to rebuild your resilience and health. 4 weeks of nutrient dense foods, coaching sessions and emotional support.


self-guided program

It's like going on your own personal health retreat, without leaving home. Follow my 10 day 'rest and renew' eating and wellness plan to help build your personal resilience.



Join my private Facebook group Strong, Resilient and Healthy and be part of a community that is focused on building their health through nutrition, recipes and collective support.




I'm on a mission to help men and women incrementally upgrade their health by building their personal resilience.

We achieve this resilience through our coaching sessions together and by introducing more healthier fats, lower carbs, ancestral and Paleo foods into your day. I'll show you how.

Jill Haverstock - Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant

Offering support for Paleo, Keto, Plant-based, Low FODMAP and the Anti-Cancer Diet