Hi there,

I’m Jill, I have a hard time seeing people suffer, and I thrive on bringing lightness and humour in times of sadness and pain. My life’s purpose is to care for the caregiver. 


I had the extraordinary opportunity to be of service to a woman with breast cancer.

I love to create community, to cook and share recipes, and like many in the holistic health field, I was called to support others from an early age.

In my early twenties, I had an experience that would forever change me, for the better. It’s carried me through the ups and downs, that we all share, and shifted my connection to life.

I had the extraordinary opportunity to be of service to a woman with breast cancer. She was focused on survival and living in the moment. You’d never know she was battling an illness as she didn’t let it define her.

She had a young daughter to raise, was a political spokesperson, a devoted wife, best friend and sister to many and supported her husband’s business.

She was the epitome of strength, conviction, and determination.

I was one of her devoted caregivers. Our shared experience led me to continue upgrading my applied human nutrition knowledge into the realm of holistic nutrition (a focus on the mind body spirit approach to achieving wellness through food and lifestyle modifications).


But, I haven’t always been in the best of health…


Like many, I suffered from the put-everyone-and-everything-else-first syndrome.

It caught up with me and bit me hard, both mentally and physically. So much so I lived on the couch for 2 months because I, literally, had no energy to move.

That scared me. I had to quickly re-evaluate my lifestyle choices, work habits and how I was eating. My adrenals were depleted, but that is not a recognized diagnosis. My cortisol levels were through the roof, I was filled with stress, anxiety and inflammation.

Putting the demands of my corporate job ahead of my own health needs was my norm and I did this for many, many years. I expected my body to keep up. I wasn’t fuelling it properly. I wasn’t letting rest and a healthy routine be part of my day.

I ignored the signs of my body crying out for help…a growing belly from stress, intense cravings for simple carbs (pasta and chocolate!) to keep me fuelled. I was making myself sick and it was up to me to change it. The biggest realization was that at my core, I wasn’t living my calling, I was living someone else’s.


Nutrition, in combination with other health and wellness initiatives has helped me to not only heal, but has also helped me to live more fully, be more open and to live more authentically.


It took several years to rejuvenate my body and strengthen my resolve to build my health again. I had all the tools and I needed to live my truth. Meditation, yoga, lots of rest, therapeutic massage and nutrients from homemade smoothies, juices and a whole-foods approach to eating were the base for my success. Exactly what I had learned.

I continue to work with naturopaths, other nutritionists and a mentor. I meditate, walk and swim because attaining health is not an end point. It is a constant, continuous focus that forms the basis so that we can clearly express who we are and be present to our friends, families and colleagues.


I help bring you back to the centre of your life, guilt and all, with my energy-boosting recipes and focus on nutrient-dense foods that will serve your body, mind and spirit…so that you can do.all.the.things.