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Use These 4 Easy Tools to Save Your Sanity

so you can avoid burnout and show up strong for your loved one (and for yourself)

    I created this toolkit of ready-to-use planning documents for you because I know first-hand how important it is to stay grounded and organized as a caregiver to your loved one with cancer (or other chronic illness).

    • You're planning and preparing meals

    • You're driving to and from medical appointments

    • You're keeping track of prescriptions and vitamins

    • Not to mention doing laundry, feeding the pets, arranging meetings and working your day job

    • Did someone say sleep?

    Caregiving can be one of the most challenging roles you will face. Your caregiving role may range from helping out part time to full on, full time.

    In the context of who I work with, a caregiver of a loved one may be your spouse / partner, a sibling, a parent or close friend who has been diagnosed with any type of cancer and at any stage.

    Inside the Free Toolkit for Caregivers, you will receive these four essential tools to help you stay organized with meal prep, groceries, knowing the key health care team contacts and how to track important medications and supplements:

    • Tool #1 – Meal Planner Worksheet

    • Tool #2 – Holistic Grocery List

    • Tool #3 – Physician & Health Care Contact List

    • Tool #4 – Medication and Supplement Tracker

    In my role as caregiver to my father, these are the tools I used, although I had compiled mine in a quicker format. I did manage to keep everything in a binder which was invaluable to me and my family members.

    When it came time to report in to the medical and alternative health care teams, I had the information at the ready.

    I invite you to download the toolkit, print off the planners, fill in your important info and begin to feel a sense of ease. The planners are in pdf format so you can also edit and save them to your desktop.

    To your ongoing health and well-being,


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