Step Into Your Well-Being

4-week Nutrition & Lifestyle Program


Learn How To Move Through the Exhaustion that comes with Caregiving so that you can Discover your Hidden Energy and return to your amazing self.

Learn Why You’re Just 4 Weeks Away From Recharging and Re-energizing your Body and Mind!

Learn how to move through your exhaustion and burnout and how to break the vicious cycle of fatigue by getting your food and mood in check!

I'll show you the step-by-step system I use to elevate mood, boost energy and reduce days of feeling fatigued and stressed.

This is not a keto program. This is a modified Paleo nutritional blueprint plan that is based on ancestral eating:

--> This program emphasizes eating more healthier fats, moderate protein and less simple carbs so you'll feel lighter and more at ease.

This program includes a sample meal plan with recipes, supporting documents and three coaching sessions. I want to set you up for success!

Here's how we'll work together over a four-week time-frame; a blend of self-learning, action-taking and meeting together to keep you accountable to your personal vision and wellness goals.

Our weekly themes include:

  • WEEK 1 | RESET
    • How to reset your metabolism
    • Recommended Meal Plan with Recipes •  Recipes that are free of common inflammatory foods like Gluten, Dairy, Sugar and Grains
    • Learn to release old habits that no longer serve you
    • Optimize  vitamin, mineral and electrolyte levels
  • WEEK 3 | RENEW
    • Set the stage for digestive health and the microbiome
    • Your path to success with essential fats (fat storage and fat burning)
    • How to pivot around emotions, stress and restorative sleep
    • Guide to healthier eating outside of your kitchen and effective meal planning on your own

Also As part of this program, you’ll receive:

- A weekly module delivered to your e-mail with supporting resource documents 

- A weekly action item so you can easily implement your strategies

- A sample meal plan with recipes as a guidepost

- 3 coaching sessions (1 hour initial nutrition and lifestyle consultation + 2 half-hour accountability check-in sessions to evaluate your progress)



·      Friendly Foods - a Quick Reference List (know what to eat)

·      Goal Setting Well-Being Journal (with questions to inspire and motivate you)


Have a question? Wondering if this program is for you? Let's jump on a complimentary 30 minute 'Empower Me Session' call to see if this program is a fit for you.

Caregiving is hard. Maintaining your health is key.

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